Strategic Human Resource MIS

HRD is a critical Input function essential to achieve objectives of organization – i.e. Equitable Contribution to welfare of all Stakeholders to business. An effective HR function is vital to success of an organization.

MIS is system to ensure that goals to business are achieved in acceptable quality and cost norms. Strategic MIS ensures that activities of business are aligned to core Strategy of organization. SMIS helps in identifying the bottlenecks of business which prevent achievement of goals. It also helps to judge effectiveness of Strategy adopted and to make changes if required.

Developing a Critical Information System involves following steps:

a). Goal Setting: Goals of Organisation at Macro & Micro Level.

b).  Bottleneck Identification: Identifying bottlenecks which prevent achievement of goals.

c).   Identifying Factors which are critical to achieve goals and solve bottlenecks.

d).   Identifying Inputs required to compile information on these inputs.

e).   Designing Formats to collect information on these factors

f).   Assigning responsibility to collect and compile this information

g).  Analysing the information received and applying to decision making.

h).  Evaluation and Audit of Information System.

SMIS for Human Resources Function:

Strategic MIS for HR function primarily measures synergy between HR and Core Strategic Objectives of organization. Core objectives of every organization are primarily:

  • Stakeholders Satisfaction
  • Optimum Return on Capital Deployed
  • Revenue Maximization
  • Cost Minimization
  • Perpetuation of Business
  • Effective contribution to society

HR function serves the purpose of organization by working for following objectives:

  • Manpower Adequacy
  • Manpower Skills Adequacy
  • Dynamic Organization
  • Performance Optimization
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Integration with Employees
  • Ownership and Participative Management

A set of MIS reports related to HR can be developed for different levels of management. Most of reports are to be generated on Monthly basis while some can also be generated on Quarterly basis.

HR Strategy MIS

1.    HR Objectives Achievement Report

2.    HR Goals Alignment Report

3.    HR Macro Environment Analysis Report

4.    HR Gaps & Bottlenecks Report

5.    Leadership Development Report

Organization Development MIS

1.    Organization Structure Analysis Report

2.    Team Development Analysis Report

3.    Motivation Analysis Report

4.    Work – Life Balance Report

5.    Family Integration Efficiency Report

6.    Communication Analysis Report

Creativity Management MIS

1.    Creativity Process Efficiency MIS

2.    Suggestions Schemes Efficiency Report

Knowledge Management MIS

1.    Knowledge Management System Report

2.    Trade Secret Protection Report

3.    Intangible Asset Report

Manpower Planning & Costing MIS

1.    Manpower Planning Report

2.    Employee Cost Budget

3.    Labour Standards Report

4.    Manpower Cost Analysis Report

5.    HR Cost Reduction Report

6.    Inter-firm Manpower Cost Comparison Report

Recruitment, Induction & Exit MIS

1.    Recruitment Status Report

2.    Recruitment Efficiency Report – Time Gap Analysis

3.    Recruitment Efficiency Report – Employees Not Joined

4.    Recruitment Efficiency Report: Employees Left in one year

5.    Induction Efficiency Report

6.    Exit Efficiency Process Report


1.    Remuneration Management Efficiency Report

2.    Remuneration – Performance Linkage Report

Performance & Productivity MIS

1.    Performance Management Report

2.    KRA Performance Report – Detailed

3.    KRA Performance Report – Summary

4.    Productivity Analysis Report

5.    Productivity Improvement Checklist MIS

Employee Appraisal Report

1.    Appraisal Analysis Report – Employee Wise

2.    Appraisal Analysis Report – Summary

Training & Development MIS

1.    Training Need Evaluation Report – Employee Wise

2.    Training Need Evaluation Report – Department Wise

3.    Training Cost Analysis Report

4.    Training Performance Report

Idle Time, Over time & Attendance MIS

1.    Idle Time Analysis Report

2.    Overtime Analysis Report

3.    Attendance Management Report – Department Wise

4.    Attendance Management Report – Employees Regularly Late

Employee Grievances & Discipline MIS

1.    Grievances Management Report – Detailed

2.    Grievances Management Report – Department Wise

3.    Grievances Management Report – Nature of Grievances

4.    Employee Discipline MIS

Employee Turnover MIS

1.    Employee Turnover Analysis – Department Wise

2.    Employee Turnover Analysis – Grade wise

3.    Employee Turnover Analysis – Reason Wise

HR Documentation & Automation MIS

1.    HR Records MIS

2.    HR Automation Status MIS

HR Regulatory MIS

1.    HR Regulatory Management Report

2.    HR Statutory Liabilities Report

3.    HR Regulatory Penalties Report

Payroll Management MIS

1.    Payroll System Efficiency Report

2.    Leave Management System Report

3.    Salary Advances Report

4.    Employee TDS Deduction Report

Most of inputs of above reports can be obtained from ERP . These reports can also be integrated with Management Audit routine for HR function.

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