CSM : The Natural Law Strategy for Success

CSM i.e. Core Strategy Manifestation is a program developed by Strategy International, to develop right strategies for individuals as well as organizations to unleash a spiral of growth and peak success in harmony with society and environmentCSM is based on some very simple but highly effective natural laws. Almost all of successful people, companies and nations have acted and behaved in a common pattern. CSM attempts to articulate it simply for every Individual or Organization.

CSM is result of numerous readings, ideas & decades of experiences which has come out of laboratory of life. Deep gratitude is expressed towards all the thinkers and achievers of past and present whose ideas have provided the basic raw material for this program.

Every Individual , Organization and Nation makes effort to grow & evolve – from darkness to light, from failure to success , from inefficiency to peak efficiency. Every living entity undertakes this journey of evolution and growth. Actual success from these efforts depends on multiple factors which combine in different ways during this journey. CSM is a modest attempt to give an insight towards this journey to success.

CSM is not claimed to be an absolute theory. It is based on natural principal that no knowledge is constant and perfect. However the basic laws of nature remain constant – only applications may differ. Hence one should evaluate knowledge with an open mind and any disagreement be taken as a tool for further development.

Three Segments : CSM program has been developed for three specific segments : IndividualsOrganizations and Nation. The universal application of CSM principals is due to its adherence to basic laws of nature which are simple and can be applied to any situation and issues from business and governance.

One major problem with many management theories is lack of integration between individuals, companies and nation. The organizations are also divided in water tight departments, each with its own boundaries.This is against laws of nature. Nature is designed in a way that all systems are integrated in a harmonious way while leading to one destination. In terms of Spirituality, it is said that purpose of all living beings is achievement of spiritual integration. Same applies for organizations and nations. All Individuals and organizations should work in a way towards goal of maximum social value and harmonious integration. CSM articulates this intense integration at every level while still retaining own specific identity.


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