Violence Against Women – A Strategic Analysis : Violence Against Women

There is a nationwide outrage on recent rape incidents from different states. There are numerous processions , TV discussions , parliament debates and call to hang the guilty. As a nation we are a reactive nation. We tend to emotionally react to situations and forget after few days. There were similar rages in past on rape cases , some of them got equal national prominence , but the problem remains where it was in past.

What we lack is a culture of Strategic Thinking , which requires deeper research into problems and building systems to solve it for ever. This is same with every problem we face whether crime against women or terrorism or problem of alcoholism and drug abuse. We don’t think deep enough. Our actions don’t come out of thoroughly researched plan of action. Rather we just react and act in casual manner. I am not claiming to have conducted deep research into this problem , but from CSM Strategy point of view my take on issue of crime against women is as below :

One of major reason of our youth indulging in these crime is lack of positive vision , hope and focus in major part of our population. Our youth does not have a positive focus in life. Most of these crimes are committed from people from lower strata of life. These people live a life which is without any hope and under abject poverty . Just visit any of poor colonies or Jhuggis in Delhi and see the condition in which the people live there.

It is very difficult to get a healthy mind set in those depressing conditions . There is no hope – no dream – no vision and no focus for these people to change their life. When a life is so deprived , one is easily swayed towards criminality.

One of first thing for Long Term Solution to this problem is to give a vision to youth of this country. For this we need a vision for India . Unfortunately there are few leaders who are credible enough to give this vision to youth of India.

Taking a step further , we need to learn the art of sowing seeds to future in minds of our children and our youth. We need to channelize their energies to a positive goal . Our parents and teachers need to be trained in this. Changing the focus of our youth and population at large is most important strategic step towards problem of crime against women. A mind which is focused on building a future for itself and for the country is likely to availd in such sort of behaviour.

2.  At a Strategic Level , we also need to revisit the type of inputs we give to our children and youth from our movies , magazines , TV and online media. Most of stuff rolled out from media shows women as an object to fulfil physical desires. We do not see health portrayal of women as a normal human being. It is stupid to expect that our children and youth to remain unaffected with this visual onslaught which ignites their passions. The craziest part is that our liberal media is first to shout when you talk of any level of regulation towards this.

Human minds are not machines but products of emotions. Our children and youth should get messages from media which promote values of discipline , respect , hard work and compassion. We all know the principle of GIGO ( Garbage in – Garbage Out ). If we want a society built upon these values we need to ensure that social messages we get from media are altered.

3. The legal solution which comes out of fear of law is also an effective deterrent but not an ideal solution. You can’t solve a problem of mindset with fear. Nevertheless the legal solution is required to keep an order of semblance in society. However to do this it is required that the solution is swift and with enough safeguards to prevent misuse. This is a tall order keeping in view the present legal system which is imported from west and is not just suited for a country like India.

In nut shell , we should stop being reactive and look for real solutions to our problems.


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