Indian Army Requires Much More than Empty Praise

There is flood of praise for Indian Army after recent incidents in Kashmir. Social Media is flooded by posts on subject. However as citizens we should reflect whether this is sufficient ?

A few questions first:

How Many of us are encouraging our children to opt for Defense Services as a Career ? How many if us are willing to adopt hardships of Defense Life including possible severe physical handicap or even death ?

It seems most of us are happy to clap from a distance for Army since our own children are not involved in battlefield. There are very few army officers from families of our top leaders from Politics or Industry.

India’s defense challenges are enormous. These challenges are getting more complex with technological advancements and areas such as Cyber or Space. Hence Indian defense shall require Best of Brains of country.

To prepare for future defense challenges , it is essential that our youth are fascinated about Defense as a Career. Defense services requires a high level of passion. It is not exactly a very easy life. There are regular transfers , sometimes in remote areas. Chances of physical injuries or even death can not be ruled out. However it compensates with a life which keeps you physically and mentally fit. It gives a truly inclusive environment where every religion or caste is equal.

1. Branding Defense as a Fascinating Career : Defense should be promoted as attractive Career from Primary School Level. Visits to Cantonment areas & Defense Exibitions should be organized.

2. Participation of Families of Leaders & Celebrities: Children from families of Political Class, Business & Film Industry must be encouraged to join Indian Forces. This shall motivate others to follow them. Media should also promote Defense Professionals as Heroes and Role Models. Why should they be not sponsors for commercials ?

3. Compulsory Military Education : We must incorporate Compulsory Military Education for every youth. This may be a program for One or Two Years. Present NCC ( National Cadet Crop ) system can be upgraded and made compulsory for every children. This well give a strong foundation to Character and Personality for them. This will also give exposure to our youth towards Indian Defense Services and attract them towards this.

4. Defense Research & Manufacturing : Defense Research & Manufacturing should be scaled up at a higher level and our Best Brains should be encouraged to join it. There are many new fields opening for Future Defense including Cyber War, Space Wars, Biological War, Defense Manufacturing etc. Our youth should be provided a platform to take a lead in these fascinating areas.

Integrating of Defense Services with Civilians may be better way to praise Indian Army. We should not clap from a distance but feel the pain or joy of our own family members being part of it.

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