Prevailing Wars in world

Towards Global Governance

World is constantly going through many wars. At present world is engulfed with Middle East war which has eclipsed Russian – Ukraine War of last two years and still continuing.

Wars have been integral part of human civilization. Ancient wars like Mahabharat & Ramayana are part of our ancient history. In recent time World War 1 & 2 have been most destructive war which ended with invention and use of most destructive weapon of mankind.

Logically if wars were not there and mankind lived in harmony as prescribed in Indian philosophy of Vasudhev Kutumbkam ( World is one family) , all resources of world are multiple time sufficient for needs of every inhabitant of mother planet. But in reality this is not in synergy with Laws of Nature.

Nature has designed Life Systems in a way that one living being is food of other. A meat eating animal depends upon snatching life of other animal. Only a stronger animal can survive in jungle ecosystem. Survival of fittest is proven law of nature. Tendency to dominate and gain power over others is eternal human trait. Hindu religious texts focus more on winning internal wars and have elaborate tools for this. However in practice , most Indian kings practiced expansion of their kingdoms through wars. In modern times, wars have several added dimensions such such as Cyber War and Information War , also called war of narratives. Preparing for protection from wars leads to spending huge resources on machinery for war.

Can World ever be free of war ?

There are many barriers to this . With present way of organization of human society , war shall remain in one form of other. Boundaries create wars. Boundaries of Religion , Nations , Languages , Color etc. This may sound utopian , but ancient Indian mantra of World is One Family seems only way out.

1. Reorganization of Religions / Value Systems

A new value system based on common human principals of WIOF ( World is One family) has to gradually replace all existing religions. This common value system can come only when it becomes more and more attractive . After a few decades , mankind shall be more open to make choices in terms of religion. Tyranny of organized religions can end only if alternative vision becomes stronger. It can be said without bias , that Sanatan Hindu Religion is most suitable for this , as it is most flexible religion. Conflict of civilizations based on religious values is already going on. In coming decades , we can foresee that many new Value Systems shall emerge and human being shall be willing to change to one which is most attractive. Of course , this shall take time to evolve – may be next 20-30 years, but there shall be a major shift towards reorganization of religions and value systems.

2. Reorganization of Nation States

Concept of nation states is cause of constant wars. Nation states tend to gain power either by annexing land or spending large sums to protect land. Concepts like UN which were expected to move towards some form of Global Governance , have miserable failed . This was perhaps due to basis premise of their foundation which was based on power of victor over defeated.

It is difficult to visualize , how this process shall start , but to have a fair and equitable world without wars, it is essential to move towards a sort of World Government.

One of way it can develop is when some powerful and large states develop idealistic societies with in their countries. Once a powerful country such as this becomes an attractive model for other countries to follow , it can encourage other countries to join into some form of common governance based on common principals.

Again , only country which seems to fit into this is either Bharat or USA. Even EU is a sort of model . but EU has not promoted peace and its history and is not encouraging for large number of poor countries also called Global South to emulate it. India can definitely be a model , but not in present form. It can be a model state if it is able to develop economically. Also it depends upon how it can sort out problem of inter religion conflicts.

Moving towards Global Governance is key to global peace and end to spending of huge resources on war machinery.

Indian Army Requires Much More than Empty Praise

There is flood of praise for Indian Army after recent incidents in Kashmir. Social Media is flooded by posts on subject. However as citizens we should reflect whether this is sufficient ?

A few questions first:

How Many of us are encouraging our children to opt for Defense Services as a Career ? How many if us are willing to adopt hardships of Defense Life including possible severe physical handicap or even death ?

It seems most of us are happy to clap from a distance for Army since our own children are not involved in battlefield. There are very few army officers from families of our top leaders from Politics or Industry.

India’s defense challenges are enormous. These challenges are getting more complex with technological advancements and areas such as Cyber or Space. Hence Indian defense shall require Best of Brains of country.

To prepare for future defense challenges , it is essential that our youth are fascinated about Defense as a Career. Defense services requires a high level of passion. It is not exactly a very easy life. There are regular transfers , sometimes in remote areas. Chances of physical injuries or even death can not be ruled out. However it compensates with a life which keeps you physically and mentally fit. It gives a truly inclusive environment where every religion or caste is equal.

1. Branding Defense as a Fascinating Career : Defense should be promoted as attractive Career from Primary School Level. Visits to Cantonment areas & Defense Exibitions should be organized.

2. Participation of Families of Leaders & Celebrities: Children from families of Political Class, Business & Film Industry must be encouraged to join Indian Forces. This shall motivate others to follow them. Media should also promote Defense Professionals as Heroes and Role Models. Why should they be not sponsors for commercials ?

3. Compulsory Military Education : We must incorporate Compulsory Military Education for every youth. This may be a program for One or Two Years. Present NCC ( National Cadet Crop ) system can be upgraded and made compulsory for every children. This well give a strong foundation to Character and Personality for them. This will also give exposure to our youth towards Indian Defense Services and attract them towards this.

4. Defense Research & Manufacturing : Defense Research & Manufacturing should be scaled up at a higher level and our Best Brains should be encouraged to join it. There are many new fields opening for Future Defense including Cyber War, Space Wars, Biological War, Defense Manufacturing etc. Our youth should be provided a platform to take a lead in these fascinating areas.

Integrating of Defense Services with Civilians may be better way to praise Indian Army. We should not clap from a distance but feel the pain or joy of our own family members being part of it.

World Technology Day

Today is National Technology Day. Two decades back in 1998 India took a giant step in Nuclear Technology. Digitization has subsequently taken Internet Technology to Masses and impacted lives in big way. Digital Infrastructure created has helped in big way to cope up with current lock down due to Covid19.

The next step may be to integrate Startup Culture with thousands of local level innovations (Jugaad ) in a big way. These innovative solutions need to be organized, improved ,documented and converted into sound business models. Further Innovation linked to Social Problems sh’d be part of our education system from early days. This shall go a long way to find solutions to employment issue.

Bhagwad Geeta & Winning Covid 19 War

Bhagwad Geeta ‘s first chapter ( 1:2 to 1:12)  starts with a dialogue when Duryodhan approaches Dronacharya and conveys to him about his lack of confidence in Bhishma , the commander in chief of army. He asks Drona to protect Bhishma.

Ayaneshu cha sarveshu yathaabhaagam avasthitaah; Bheeshmam evaabhirakshantu bhavantah sarva eva hi. (1:11)

Tasya sanjanayan harsham kuruvriddhah pitaamahah; Simhanaadam vinadyocchaih shankham dadhmau prataapavaan.(1:12)

“ Our army led by Bhishma is insufficient, whereas Pandav’s army, led by Bhima, is sufficient. “Therefore, everyone, stationed in their respective positions of the army, protect should protect Bhishma.”

To win a war , you need to be confident about ability of your Commander in Chief. In start of Mahabharat, Duryodhana , sowed the seeds of a loss in war by expressing lack of confidence in is Chief Warrior. In such circumstances the second in command and other commanders shall obviously not have full confidence & resultant respect for Chief of Army.

In fight against Covid19 , country is keeping its confidence on Commander in Chief. This is one of major factor which has helped till now. Entire leadership at Central & State Level seems to working in synergy with each other.

There are definitely lessons to be learnt and things could have been better ; but keeping faith on leadership is crucial to win this war. Creating mistrust for Leadership in these difficult times can be very harmful and impede our fight against this war. Any type of politics can wait till nation comes out of this dangerous time.

Post Covid World : Opportunities For India

Covid 19 has thrown unprecedented challenges to country and world as a whole. All of a sudden we are faced with a situation where wheels of economy has completely stopped. A major part of our population has become dependent on Government doles. Since business cycles have been disrupted globally – no one is sure how businesses of every size shall survive. Revenues of Govt. have also been badly hit which shall in turn impact development and welfare programs.

At global level USA and other developed economies have been severely impacted with huge number of deaths and faltered economies. No one is sure whether major defence manufacturing countries shall be able to sell their expensive machines. One indicator is steep fall in petroleum prices globally.

China which is believed by many to be source of this disease, seems to be better placed as compared to other major economies. But this may not hold for long. Firstly Trust Level between China and rest of world has taken a major hit. This shall not be easy for China to repair by its usual strong arm tactics. Secondly drop in global economic growth shall lead to drop in demand for Chinese products and services. This shall lead to reduction in its capacity to give large economic aids to increase its influence.

As regards countries like Pakistan, it shall be facing a major economic crisis along with drop in overseas remittances and aids from friendly countries. To divert attention of its public , Pak may resort to steep increase in its efforts to ramp up tensions with India.

Thus Post Covid 19 world is going to be a vastly different world with huge challenges for Indian State and vast number of its polulation.

Key Strategies for India amid Covid19 :

  1. Tracking & Leveraging new opportunities :  Central & State Governments should form Groups under Niti Ayog to track any new opportunity arising globally and responding by directing efforts of country to take advantage of it. It is no use to be complacent but make extra efforts towards this. Every State must have a Nodal Officer who shall coordinate towards this.
  2. Giving new thrust to Covid sunrise sectors : Covid has shown important of some of key sectors like
  • Healthcare : Pharmaceuticals , Medical Equipment, Biotech, Herbal Medicines, Hospitals, Medical Education etc.
  • Hygiene & Cleanliness : Sanitizers, Water & Air purifiers.
  • Online Content  : Online Education, Entertainment, News etc.
  • Online Infrastructure : Online Infrastructure in form of Hardware , Networking & Connectivity.

Special Groups should be formed may be under Niti Ayog, to give thrust to these sectors in form of scale , speed and reach. Our vision should be take these sectors to a global level.

3. Research & Development : Hi tech research is key to future solutions to humanity. India needs to give greater thrust to its Research & Development efforts to bring it at par with global powers. This may seem as expensive but it worthy investment into future.

4. Reorient the Education & Skill Sectors

Education & Skill sector needs a re-orientation, keeping in view new skills required globally Post Covid situation. Special thrust needs to be given to sectors such as Healthcare, Digitization, Research etc. Online Education needs to be taken to grass root level and a new body may be created for same.

5. Thrust to Entrepreneurship / New Business Models :

Covid 19 crisis should lead to rethink about new business models which have ability to fast adapt to changing dynamics of global business environment. Thrust should also be given to Entrepreneurship among youth. Due to emerging unemployment crisis , it is essential that vast number of entrepreneurs and start ups come up to provide micro employments. Start up revolution has to be mobilized at mass level and integrated with Jugaad  culture of this country where grass root innovations are operating.

6. Self Reliance in Maniufacturing:

Self – reliance in Manufacturing is not a choice but need of day. Manufacturing has to be a new passion for our youth and a radical restructuring is required for same. Niti Ayoga should come out with list of products which are presently imported and specific plans need to be framed to produce them locally.

7. Thrust to Cleanliness & Hygiene :

India has made great strides through its Swach Bharat Campaign , which led to massive increase in public awareness, Making of Toilets , Pollution Control measures etc. Covid 19 has paced this thrust with increased use of Sanitizers and Face Masks. This opportunity should be used to further give momentum to this. Cleanliness and Hygiene should become a second habit of vast majority of population.

This list is not exhaustive but gives an indication to direction which may lead to new India emerging from this crisis.